About Iligan

Iligan is nestled in the midst of luxuriat natural beauty of Northern Mindanao. It is a city truly blessed and nurtured by Mother Nature. It is protected from typhoons by natural barriers; its terrain is hugged by a long stretch of shoreline along the Iligan Bay.

Its mountains and lush forests hide numerous waterdalls in its embrace, earning for itself the title "City of Waterfalls." The most famous, enchanting and the most awesome of these is the Maria Cristina Falls along the Agus River. Agus and Maria Cristina are sources of hydro electric power for most of Mindanao's requirements. Spring like Timoga and Taytay are sources of cool and pristine water for swimming resorts the provide relief from summer heat. The coastlines as well offers beaches and picnic grounds.

The rich soil, even rainfall distribution, and ideal topography provide suitable conditions for diverse agricultural ventures.
With all the natural wonders and blessing bestowed upon the city, the most prized asset of Iligan is still the warm and vibrant hospitality of its people. Both natives and people of different ethnicity all come together to make Iligan their home.